How Can I Make My Toilet More Accessible?

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Bathroom remodel designs

Bathroom remodel designs that accommodate people with disabilities are a great way to make your home a more accessible place. But you can’t just go with any ideas for bathroom remodeling when you decide to create handicap bathrooms. There are specific guidelines for each aspect of handicap bathroom remodeling to ensure that people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues can use the bathroom properly.

So when it comes to bathroom remodel designs, what do you have to do to make the toilet accessible?

    Raise the Toilet Seat

    Toilet seats need to be higher to accomodate people who are tr

Including the Features of Handicap Bathrooms In Your Home

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Handicap bathrooms

Handicap bathrooms are becoming a popular request for bathroom remodeling companies. With an aging population and people living in their homes longer, handicap bathrooms are needed for safety purposes as well as to service those who have a disability and require a wheelchair. When you are researching ideas for bathroom remodeling, consider the features of a handicapped bathroom.

When there are handicap bathrooms in homes the features they offer
add to the quality of life for those people with a disability. Being able to live in a home independently is an important part of lif

Handicap Bathrooms Can Provide a Higher Quality of Life

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Handicapped bathroom

Do you need to install a handicapped bathroom to help a family member who is disabled? A bathroom that is accessible to those people who are disabled can improve the quality of life. There is also the added benefit that whenever a bathroom is upgraded or remodeled it provides a good return on investment.

There are measurements and dimensions that need to be addressed in handicap bathrooms. If someone in a wheelchair will use the bathroom, the sink must be open underneath to allow the wheelchair user to wheel up to it. Handicap bathrooms must also provide a larger turning radius for people in wheelchairs or those using walkers. Additionally, sinks should be higher that usual to allow a person utilizing a walker to stand straight up against the sink, without having to bend over.

Handicap bathrooms shoul