Including the Features of Handicap Bathrooms In Your Home

Handicap bathrooms

Handicap bathrooms are becoming a popular request for bathroom remodeling companies. With an aging population and people living in their homes longer, handicap bathrooms are needed for safety purposes as well as to service those who have a disability and require a wheelchair. When you are researching ideas for bathroom remodeling, consider the features of a handicapped bathroom.

When there are handicap bathrooms in homes the features they offer
add to the quality of life for those people with a disability. Being able to live in a home independently is an important part of life to someone who relies on a wheelchair for his or her mobility. But, since a wheelchair needs more space to turn around, handicap bathrooms provide the sixty-inch turning radius that is often required. A wheelchair needs to be able to pull up to and under a sink, so leaving underneath the sink open and clear is a must. Handicap bathrooms also use a taller toilet, seventeen to nineteen inches from floor to rim as opposed to fifteen inches, to make it more accessible.

Bathroom remodeling designs for handicap bathrooms are usually focused on those using wheelchairs, but people use a walker may also benefit from the features. Often a sink needs to be higher to avoid slumping or bending over during use. And walk-in bathtubs allow the elderly or people with disabilities to bath more easily.

Bathroom remodeling can add value to your home by adding state of the art features and fixtures. When designing a new bathroom, consider the future and the options used in handicap bathrooms. While you may not need them now, if you plan in staying in your home long-term, you may appreciate the amenities provided.

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