How Can I Make My Toilet More Accessible?

Bathroom remodel designs

Bathroom remodel designs that accommodate people with disabilities are a great way to make your home a more accessible place. But you can’t just go with any ideas for bathroom remodeling when you decide to create handicap bathrooms. There are specific guidelines for each aspect of handicap bathroom remodeling to ensure that people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues can use the bathroom properly.

So when it comes to bathroom remodel designs, what do you have to do to make the toilet accessible?

    Raise the Toilet Seat

    Toilet seats need to be higher to accomodate people who are transferring from wheelchairs or lowering themselves down. Usually seats in handicapped bathrooms are 17 and 19 inches from the ground.

    Leave Room to Make a Transfer

    Most wheelchair users will need to transfer between their wheelchair and the toilet. This means that you need to leave space next to the toilet for a wheelchair to fit, and enough room for the user to maneuver their wheelchair into position.

    Install Grab Bars

    If you’re designing a bathroom for someone who’s in a wheelchair or has limited mobility, you have to install grab bars on either side of the toilet to allow them to stand and lower themselves comfortably, as well as to transfer themselves out of a wheelchair. Grab bars help prevent falls and allow toilet users to maintain their independence.

    Mount the Toilet on the Wall

    Installing a wall-mounted toilet reduces the chances that a user will trip on the base of the toilet. It will also make it easier to clean around the toilet and will allow for a simpler transfer from wheelchair to toilet. Just make sure to check the weight restrictions before you include wall-mounted toilets in bathroom remodel designs.

    Make Flush Handles Easy to Use

    Handles should be larger and require less strength to grip. Usually wide flappers or handles are better, especially if they’re easy to reach. You can also invest in a toilet flusher that’s automatic or activated with a foot instead of a hand.

    Install a Bidet

    Bidets aren’t required, but they will help bathroom users who have difficulty with toilet paper. Staying clean is important to staying healthy, and a bidet can help with that.

Bathroom remodeling companies can help you stay compliant with the regulations surrounding accessible toilets.

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