Decorating Your Home Incorporating Modern Design

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When decorating your home –especially for the first time — you want to find pieces that not only look great, but that make you feel like your house is truly a home. One of the more popular looks in furniture today is ultra modern furniture.

In essence, modern furniture refers to furniture influenced by the modernist design movement, made from the late 19th century up until present day. Two of the oldest schools of modern furniture design were the German Bauhaus and the American Arts and Crafts movement; each bringing their own unique contributions to the design field.

With high end contemporary furniture being so highly sought after for
its simplistic sophistication, many would assume that quality modern furniture would be incredibly expensive. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Sales of new home furnishings did decrease after the 2008 housing market crash and recession, but they started to increase again in 2012. This gave way to a wider variety of modern home furniture at more reasonable prices.

Finding Affordable Modern Furniture for Your Home:

  • Wanting to buy modern furniture doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet. Many great modern pieces can be found in the most unlikely of places. Many department stores may have very modernist designs, and at affordable prices to boot. In addition, be sure to look around your neighborhood for garage sales and thrift stores. You may never know what kind of gems you can find at super low prices.
  • Another great place to look for modern furniture is on the Internet. Not only do modern furniture stores offer great deals and promotions online, but you can compare prices side by side between companies at the click of a button. Scour the sale section on websites to find great bargains.
  • When many people think “modern furniture,” images of chrome, black and white often come to mind. However, modern certainly does not mean a lack of color or pizazz. Try pairing a neutral colored couch with some bright home accents, such as vases, coffee tables or light fixtures. Finding a balance of of color and style that suits you is a key in home design.

Just remember: inexpensive modern furniture does not necessarily correlate with its quality. You can find great modern pieces at plenty of stores across the nation. Don’t settle for the first piece you lay eyes on; be sure to browse other stores and see what you love and see the price range. It’s all about making your house into a home.

Have you has any experiences looking for affordable modern furniture? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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