Do You Need to Repair Your HVAC System?

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While HVAC services, defined as heating, ventilation and air conditioning amenities, may seem like a relatively modern invention, the truth is that the technology behind these systems dates back several decades, if not centuries. For example, central heating systems originated in Ancient Rome, where houses were heated by an innovation called a hypocaust,which heated air with a furnace before conducting it through empty spaces under the floors and pipes in the walls. This technology had evolved into the radiator by the 1850s, a precursor to modern central heat. Meanwhile, the first modern air conditioning system was developed by Willis Carrier in 1902. Though it had originally been designed to prevent humidity from affecting the inks and paper at a printing company, the system was first widely used by movie theaters during the Great Depression, as the cool temperature proved to be a huge draw for patrons. Window air conditioning units were available by 1932, but many people could not afford the product for several more decades.

Today, heating and AC services offer a number of benefits to residences and businesses: for one, they create a comfortable, temperate environment regardless of the season or weather. Additionally, air conditioning can help people breathe more easily, especially those with lung disease or asthma. Moreover, because air conditioning units also filter the air, it can help alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms by reducing the level of pollen in the building. However, in spite of the benefits of heating and air conditioning, it isn’t always easy to rationalize paying for these amenities: research shows that as much as 45% of the average household’s energy bill goes to heating and cooling. At such an expense, many people will find themselves considering ways to reduce their use of their heating and AC services, but what many people don’t realize is that their system may simply need HVAC service and repairs to ensure that it is operating at an effective level.

In order to function optimally, heating and AC units require regular maintenance, such as cleaning, as well as heating and AC repairs to fix any damage the machine may have incurred. This is especially true before the major heating and cooling seasons, when you will be using your system the most. However, because important components of a heating and cooling unit, such as the evaporator and condenser of an air conditioner, are sealed off, meaning that the cleaning and maintenance tasks will need to be performed by the trained professionals employed by HVAC companies. Is your heating and cooling system working effectively? Contact a heating and cooling company today to have your system cleaned and fixed. See this link for more.

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