Dry ice blast cleaning

Imagine an industrial cleaning technique that removes the toughest gunk, including adhesives, and leaves no residue. It is incredibly clean and effective, with no leftover environmental concerns, and nothing to clean up.

What is it?

Dry ice blast cleaning, where small pellets of dry ice are propelled out of a nozzle by compressed air like sandblasting but with no huge mess aftewards.

In dry ice blast cleaning, the pellets are small enough and cold enough that three things happen: 1) the pellet itself knocks off whatever is clogging equipment or sticking to a surface on contact, 2) the frigid pellets draw heat from the various objects they touch, including the material that has to be cleaned and the surface under it, causing the grime to separate from the surface as the different materials contract at a different rate, and 3) as the pellets warm, they turn back into a gaseous state with 400 times the volume of the solid state, literally blasting more goop off the surface to be cleaned.

What is left after dry ice blast cleaning is…well, noting but carbon dioxide gas. That can be toxic, so proper ventilation must be provided so the gas can’t settle and displace oxygenated air. In many, many industrial applications, that is just not an issue.

Dry ice blast cleaning can replace many of the toxic construction cleaners in use today. Customers for dry ice blast cleaning include hospitals (where the process can stop mold and mildew), companies that do business in the electrical, commercial or industrial sectors, and any firm now using sandblasting or water blasting.

The work has to be done by a professional like an industrial cleaning company or construction cleaning services, firms that can answer questions about dry ice blast cleaning. But think of the utility of this process in a difficult job like rack maintenance or when a layer of dirt buildup or paint covers a surface you are trying to reach. Beyond the ability to just simply and effectively clean, think about the toxic cleaners that do not have to be disposed of of when everything is done. Dry ice blast cleaning is a cleve, environmentally friendly way to do the messiest jobs imaginable.

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