Everything You Need To Know About Composite Manhole Covers

Manhole cover

Driving down the street, you’ll notice there are manholes everywhere. They are so commonplace that you most likely don’t even pay attention to them. However, did you know that not all manhole covers are the same?

Traditional manhole covers are made out of cast iron and concrete but new advances have led to the option of using composite material instead. These composite manhole covers offer a lot of advantages over their old fashioned counterparts. Here’s why:

More durable with a longer lifespan.

High quality composite manhole covers can last over 30 years while the traditional covers require much more maintenance or even replacement. The composite covers usually take little or no maintenance and withstand more daily stress.

Easier and safer to remove.

For manholes over sewage systems or drainage networks, frequent access is required. Composite manhole covers are much lighter than the traditional covers (which typically weigh between 100-200+ pounds), reducing the weight up to 85%.
Eliminate chance of theft.

Surprisingly, manhole theft is a big issue worldwide. The covers are stolen from manholes to be sold for scrap metal value. Since composite covers do not have any scrap value, using them will reduce the risk of theft. Many also come with locks to hold the covers in place.

Most of us ignore the manholes we see so often on the roads we drive everyday. But they are an important point of access to a lot of necessary facilities that can’t be overlooked. Composite manhole covers offer the best value and quality and are a safer, longer-lasting option in comparison to the traditional cast iron covers. If you are a city or government official looking to make improvements to your streets, consider using composite manhole covers. With so many hidden benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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