How to Maintain Your HVAC System

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First popularized in movie theaters, air conditioning has been a requisite for most modern households for decades. As central air has become more popular it has made heating and cooling more accessible to more people. Unfortunately these amenities need maintenance. The most reliable heating and air conditioning systems are those that are well maintained. This winter, many home owners are making calls to their heating and air conditioning services.

According to the EIA, over one third of all Americans keep their air conditioning on throughout the summer. Furthermore over two thirds of Americans living in the Southern United States use their central aril all summer. Numbers like these make it easy to understand why many Americans seek air conditioner repair in the winter months. Having air conditioning units fixed or maintained during the cooler months, makes maintenance that much more manageable. The best thing about the having air conditioning repairs done while the weather is cold is obvious. Most families do not need their air conditioning in winter. However, there are other benefits. Less time restrictions can allow heating and air conditioning contractors to inspect more than the physical air conditioning unit. inspecting filters and tubing can also help prevent large problems.

HVAC systems should be subjected to biannual inspection and maintenance to avoid those more costly repairs. Inspections can include a look over the HVAC system filter. This filter is responsible for keeping the air that is pushed though the house clean. A dirty filter can hinder the unit’s ability to function, and also may results in respiratory problems for inhabitants. Those problems can include coughing, sore throat and sneezing. Luckily heating and air conditioning contractors know that fixing this problem can be so simple as replacing the air conditioning filter.

The average home owner can check the status of a filter easily. When an HVAC filter changes color, then it is time to install the replacement. Once a emplacement is installed, the central air unit can continue working to both cool and purify a home’s air supply.

If larger maintenance is required, homeowners should not be put off by heating and air conditioning contractors who ask for a tour of their home. Knowing where vents are, where intakes are and the general layout of an HVAC system are all aspects of a basic HVAC inspection.
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