How to Tell When It’s Time to replace your Windows

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Below are a number of telltale signs that your windows may be deteriorating, and home window repair is needed. We will also tell you how to check for these problems.

  • Warm or Cool Spots – Check for warm or cool spots near windows on a hot or cold day. If you find them, then your windows are not properly insulating your home, and it’s time to consider residential window repair.
  • Drafts – Hold a lighted candle next to the window’s edge, and if the candle flickers, there’s a draft coming through the window. Home window repair will prevent this loss of energy and save money on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Peeling Paint – Peeling pint on the exterior of the home can be caused by moisutre traveling through improperly-sealed windows and back out to the exterior.
  • Window Frames – Tap the window frame with a flat-head screwdriver to determine the softness of the wood. If the end of the screwdriver pushes easily into the wood, that is usually a sign of decay.
  • Frost and Ice Buildup When inadequate insulation or poor materials allow a too-quick transition from hot to cold air, condensation can develop and frost and/or ice can form on the windows.
  • Operation Open and close a window to see if it operates smoothly. If the window needs a prop to stay open, or is painted or swollen shut, you need to consider home window repair.
  • Outside Noise or Drafts As insulation surrounding a window deteriorates, openings form that let in unwanted sound and drafts.
  • Caulk or Seal Failure Stand outside the window with a flashlight, directing the beam around the entire frame of the window. If someone inside sees light coming through, this may mean caulk or seal failure, or potential energy loss.

Some window damage is obvious, and cracked window repair and broken window repair are certainly problems that window and door companies can fix. But it’s not all glass and window repair. It’s important to pay attention to the less noticeable wear and damage that can happen in the frames and seals of your windows. Great references here:

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