How to Turn Your Backyard into a Beach Getaway

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Whether you’re escaping the cold winter weather or taking a summer vacation, the beach is always a favorite destination. The warm sand, light breeze and refreshing water make the beach the ultimate getaway. Some are lucky enough to live in warm, sunny places near the beach all year round, but for those of us who live in an arctic tundra half the year, getting to the beach isn’t always so easy. For that reason, why not bring the beach to you? With a few landscaping supplies, creating a beach in your backyard is easy. Here’s how:

What You’ll Need

Gravel or decomposed granite (two tons per 100 square feet)
Landscaping sand (about one ton)
Potting soil
Beach plants

  1. Step One – The first you’ll need to do is pick an area for your beach. Either a large portion of the yard or small corner will do. The size of the beach will help you to determine how much landscaping sand you need. Once you have picked a spot, dig out the entire area, removing any grass, weeds and roots. Once the space is clear, fill the area with either gravel or decomposed granite, smoothen out areas that you want to be flat beach and creating mounds where you want sand dunes. Dig a few holes in the sides and top of the dunes to make room for plants, then spray the whole area with water and leave it to dry overnight.
  2. Step Two – Check to make sure that the gravel/granite has dried the next day. If it has, fill the planting spaces in the dunes with potting soil. Then pick out a few beach-themed plants to fill these area. Some good options for plants that tend to do well are Tropicana and Japanese Blood Grass. Tropicana can grow up to six feet tall, while Japanese Blood Grass tops off at about 16 to 20 inches.
  3. Step Three – Once everything is set, the final step in the process is to fill in the beach area with landscaping sand. Pour sand over the whole area and smooth it out to create your beach. You can also add other types of decor to make your yard feel even more like a beach getaway. Beach chairs, drift wood and fire pits all make great additions to a backyard beach.

A beach is one of the most unique landscaping designs you can make in your backyard. By turning your backyard landscaping into a beach getaway, you’ll never need to leave your home again for a relaxing vacation. Find out more about this topic here.

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