Is Solar Energy a Good Fit for Your House?

Solar energy advantages

Many homeowners, in their search for lower utility bills, decide to offset their costs by installing residential solar power systems. Residential solar panels are environmentally friendly, reliable, and incredibly efficient, but they may not be a viable choice for every home owner. The success of solar energy installation varies with housing situations.

One of the first things a homeowner must consider before installing residential solar technology is the location of the home. Installing residential solar power systems on a house that is located in a rainy climate or has heavy shade will be more costly than it is worth. A house with little tree cover in a desert or other sunny environment will have greater success with solar panel efficiency.

Once the homeowner has determined that their location is appropriate for the installation of residential solar power systems, they must consider whether or not they are able to afford the initial cost of solar panel purchase and installation. While many areas offer tax incentives for the purchase of solar panels, the installation equipment, labor, and the panels themselves can cost tens of thousands of dollars. While the system will eventually pay for itself through reduced or eliminated utility bills, it is still a lot of money to have up front.

If the homeowner has determined that the climate and financial situation are right for the solar installation process, the next thing to do is to examine building and zoning codes. Some areas prohibit rooftop installation, so it is important to check the laws in any areas where solar panels may be installed. Next, they must inspect the roof and be sure that there is adequate space to install the residential solar power systems, if the framing is strong enough to support the systems, and if the angle of the roof is optimum for the absorption of solar rays.

If the home meets all of these requirements, residential solar power systems are an excellent choice for sustainable energy. Once the homeowner has determined the suitability of the house for solar panel use, they can begin the installation and will be well on their way to environmentally-friendly, cost-effective energy.

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