Keep the Air in Your Home Fresh by Cleaning Carpets and Air Ducts

Duct and vent cleaning

Every year, the amount of soil that can accumulate in and under a carpet can rise up to several pounds. In order to avoid that problem, homeowners will have to vacuum regularly. While vacuuming is a chore that can be a pain and is hardly the way that most people want to spend their free time, it is vital for keeping allergens and dust out of the air. If you want to keep a clean home without having to run the vacuum yourself, you might want to hire carpet cleaning companies who can come to your home regularly. While they might be a bit pricey, they can take the burden of vacuuming and doing other chores off of a homeowner.

When they were first developed in the early 20th Century, vacuum cleaners were powered by coal and so big that three people were needed to run them. Others had to be parked outside and long hoses were snaked through the windows. Compared to the small and efficient vacuums of today, their inefficiencies made professional carpet cleaning far less effective than it is now.

Some people might be hesitant to install carpets and prefer hardwood floors because carpets can harbor fleas that bite both people and animals. Mature fleas love the dry temperature of carpets and eggs thrive in damp carpet that exists in places like basements or bathrooms with inadequate ventilation. But if they can be kept clean and bug free, carpets actually help keep allergens out of the air, contrary to popular belief. On a hardwood or laminate floor, dust is free to move around and rise into the air, but it sticks to carpets and is therefore less likely to irritate people.

In addition to cleaning carpets regularly, homeowners might also want air duct cleaning in their house. By making sure air ducts are clean, they will be able to prevent dust and allergens from being expelled into the air. Air conditioning helps keep a home cool during even the hottest summer months, and heating systems make staying cozy in the winter easy. But the comfort that those systems provide will be drastically reduced if they are spreading allergens. So regular air duct cleaning in the home is a must if you want to avoid the sniffles. Learn more about this topic here.

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