Modern Landscaping Save Money and the Planet

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If you’ve ever thought about improving the landscaping around your home, there may be even more reasons that you think. A good landscape design of course increases the aesthetic value and is nice to look at, but it can increase the monetary value of the house as well, up to 200% according to Money Magazine. The difference between good landscaping and excellent landscaping can mean a sales price of 6 to 7% higher, and it can also help you sell your home faster, by as much as six weeks.

So while the sale of your home can benefit from beautiful landscaping, your heating and cooling bills can also benefit from smart landscape design such as strategically place trees. Experienced landscapers can ensure beauty as well as functionality and unless you really want to experiment with this yourself it might be a good idea to hire a landscaping company. An example of the benefits of trees is that they can reduce summer air-conditioning costs by 15-20% by providing natural shade over the house. But you want to implement this intelligently, because trees can also block warming sunlight in the winter. An added bonus of trees is that they can reduce noise from the street, adding to the peaceful tranquility of your home.

Using trees for shade is a simple way to lower your cooing bill and help the environment, and improvements in technology can also help the sustainability of your home. Energy-efficient landscaping uses a variety of plant types and shapes in order to reduce your watering needs, block or let in the sun, and can reduce your energy bills by 30%. This type of strategic landscaping may need to be done by a professional service and maintained so that it keeps its benefits.

Another new technology that may be beneficial in climates with a lot of rain is permeable pavement. If you experience flooding in your yard or driveway, it may be due to the fact that rain cannot soak into the impermeable concrete of your driveway. This is a growing problem and in fact rain that washes across driveways and roads picks up pollutants from cars and this can run into local lakes and rivers and even get into the ground water system. Permeable pavement behaves more like natural soil and it can soak in 70 to 80% of annual rainfall, preventing flooding and polluted run-off.

If you live in a very dry climate, one lawn care tip to reduce water used for irrigating your beautifully landscaped lawn is to collect rain and reuse rainwater for this. It’s also a good idea to use plants that are native to the climate and therefore drought resistant and don’t require as much water.

To understand the importance of landscape design, remember this: improperly placed trees can block up to 95% of sunlight to your house and 75% of the sun’s heat. That is a huge waste of energy and money, and you might as well use the natural environment to your benefit and advantage.

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