Planning a Makeover For Your Apartment or House?

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Are you planning a makeover for your house or apartment? You might want to consider hiring a professional interior designer. The interior design business is growing in America. Labor statistics estimate that the industry will grow by 19% between 2010 and 2020. It is a very fragmented industry in that the 50 biggest interior design companies only make up 10% if the revenue in the U.S. This being said, more and more people are using interior decorators because of their expertise in creating living and working spaces
that are safe, functional and aesthetically beautiful. Interior designers often hold a B.A. degree in their field, and are well qualified in making your space fit your exact needs. There are over 10,000 interior design companies in the U.S. to choose from.

If you live in North Carolina, Allen and James can not only give you high end interior design, but also they have one of the largest luxury furniture stores in North Carolina. Wherever you live, a high end interior designer will recommend you use Stanley coastal living furniture from the Stanley coastal living collection. You can research and buy Stanley furniture online.

You may think that if you buy Stanley furniture online you will be on your own as far as your decorating needs go. But you can order Stanley furniture online and still hire interior designers such as Allen and James to come in and do a makeover. Before hiring your designer, or before you buy Stanley furniture online, do your research. If your designer buys your furniture, chances are your costs will be higher. Check out the pricing on many brands of modern luxury furniture, and look for luxury furniture for sale at discount prices. Many people order Stanley furniture online because they can shop comparatively and get good quality luxury furniture for less.

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