Polar Vortex Leaving You Shivering? Time to Upgrade Your Heating System

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Uh oh! The Polar Vortex is back and the biting cold is sweeping across the United States again. For many, the end of the first week of January brought a little bit of relief as some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded finally subsided. However, the cold is back and nearly as brutal as it was the first time around. Because of that, homeowners who chose not to invest in heating repair services, thinking that the worst of winter were gone, might find themselves in a tough spot. If you chose to forego home heating repairs and tried to stick it out through the rest of the winter, you’ll probably find yourself having to bundle up more than you normally would.

Of course, fixing the heat is important for staying warm, and that should probably be your priority during the cold temperatures. However, upgrades can also be great for saving money. Leaky ducts and other problems that cause furnaces to run inefficiently can cause utility bills to skyrocket, especially with such cold temperatures. Though you might have to spend a couple hundred dollars on repairs, some of that money will be offset by lower bills. Plus, you’ll be able to stay nice and cozy all winter.

While you’re getting your heater fixed, you should think about getting complete cooling and heating services for a total overhaul of your system. Experts say that you should get your HVAC systems checked in both the fall and spring, before extreme temperatures arrive. However, services in January should allow you to get all the way through the summer without too much of a problem. So though staying cool might be the least of your concerns while dealing with the plummeting temperatures outside, doubling up on cooling and heating services now probably means you won’t have to make another appointment in just a couple of months.

Waiting until storms and record-breaking cold temperatures show up before investing in heat repairs can be problematic if you want to stay warm all winter. And postponing repairs until the last minute could also mean struggling to find a contractor who is available because so many other people do the same thing. But if you do need to get help during the Polar Vortex or any other powerful storm, you should invest in both cooling and heating services. Doing so will help you get ready for a Heat Vortex or any other storm that shows up in the summer. Great references here: Heating repair gold canyon


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