The Benefits of Nuts and Screws

12 point flange nuts

Did you know that metal screws have been able to fasten objects together since the 15th century? Screws and nuts are important devices, as they are used to join two objects together. There are several types of nuts and screws available, and they are all beneficial in their own ways.

– Nuts. Nuts are always used with screws or bolts in order to fasten two objects together. However, different nuts are designed to work with different threaded fasteners. Large hex nuts, for example, are able to fit bolts of a larger diameter, while 12 point flange nuts can fit most bolts and screws in order to securely lock them in place. Whether you require large hex nuts, slotted hex nuts, or other specialty nuts, there is an option that will best suit your needs.

– Screws. Screws are sharp-pointed metal pins that are designed to pierce wood and other materials in order to fasten them together. There are many types of screws available, such as drive screws, which are inclined planes that are wrapped around a post, and hex head cap screws, which have higher tolerances than hex bolts. Different screw types are also indicated by numbers, meaning the higher the number, the wider the screw. Although there are numerous screw varieties to choose from, these fastening devices are relatively simple to obtain.

Nuts and screws are beneficial in a variety of ways. Not only are there many types of nuts and screws to choose from, but each option serves its own unique and helpful purpose, as well. By choosing the fasteners that are right for you, you will be able to complete your jobs and projects more efficiently.

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