The top benefits of a walk in bathtub

Walk in bathtub

Every 18 seconds, a senior citizen in the United States falls. A great deal of the time, those falls happen in the bathroom. A walk in tub could be the perfect thing to help reduce the potential for injury that is present in nearly every family bathroom in America. With walk in tubs, people can make sure that they or their elderly relatives do not have to worry about slipping and hurting themselves anymore. In addition to reducing the risk of injury, a walk in tub could provide several advantages over a conventional bathtub.

One of the top benefits that a walk in tub can provide is increased independence. With walk in bathtubs, those that are older or living with a disability could find bathing to be a much simpler experience. Rather than having to have someone help them get in and out of their tub, they can simply take a small step in over a very low rim, which virtually eliminates the need for help from someone else.

A walk in tub could also improve ones circulation. By soaking the majority of their body in warm water while sitting up comfortably, capillaries near the skins surface could open up, which could have a dramatic effect on ones circulation, oxygenation and blood flow. Those that are living with poor circulation may find the effects of a walk in tub to be very invigorating.

Finally, a walk in tub could also help those that are having trouble sleeping. Warm baths are terrific are reliving stress and muscle tension, especially if the tub has installed has micro jets. The less tension one goes to bed with, the better able they will be to sleep for longer periods of time. In addition to relieving tension, a walk in tub could also give one a slight rise in body temperature, which has been shown to make it easier to fall asleep faster.

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