Three Interesting Things You Never Knew About Lawn Care

Tips to grow grass quickly

Taking care of your lawn is usually only something you think about when it’s going badly — when the grass is all dried and crackly, or when you’re using grass seeds that cannot compete with monster weeds. But this industry has been developing for quite a while, and there are a few secrets about your yard that you probably never knew…

  • The word “lawn” itself has been part of the American English vocabulary since the 1700s, but it wasn’t until after the Civil War era that the word actually became common among Americans. These days, Americans don’t just casually talk about their lawns — they invest millions of dollars per year into products like organic fertilizer and drought resistant grass seeds, and lawn care is steadily becoming a popular DIY activity for many homeowners.
  • One of the more pressing problems of our time: How to get rid of weeds and grow grass with long-term results. Nobody likes weeds. But if your lawn has some dandelions growing, that’s actually a good thing. Weeds, like dandelions, can only grow in soil that is free of pesticides — so if you keep seeing them pop up all the time, remember that it actually means that your lawn is pesticide-free, and that any humans and animals won’t come in contact with toxic chemicals by walking through your yard.
  • That being said, still — Nobody likes weeds. A little secret you may not have known is that acidic soils are more conducive to weed growth. There are plenty of products and measurement tools available today to help you figure out what the pH level of your soil is and to help you get to the optimal pH range between six and seven.

So now it’s up to you to decide if any of this has piqued your interest. If so, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, and you’d be participating in one of the most successful industries around today. See this link for more references.

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