Three Tips for Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood is an increasingly popular choice for flooring in America. They are typically longer lasting than many types of carpet since they are less likely to become so worn or stained as to need replacement. Additionally, they are a good option for people who have allergies since carpets can house dirt, dust, and mites. In other cases, some people just like the look of hardwood flooring. The problem is many people don’t know how to care for the hardwood flooring in their homes. Here are some important tips.

Preventative Maintenance
You should make sure to put down throw rugs or runners in high traffic areas to reduce the wear on that part of the floor. You should place pads under the legs of your furniture to protect the floor and avoid dragging things across it that might scratch.

Thorough Cleaning
Many people don’t know the right way to clean hardwood floors. Sweep up any dirt and debris or use a vacuum for hardwood floors that won’t scratch or leave marks. Then use a water and vinegar solution to mop, but avoid getting the wood too wet, as that could cause discoloration or the planks to warp.

If your floor is already scratched, stained, or otherwise damaged, it might be time for refinishing. Since this is a complicated process, you should hire professionals to refinish hardwood floors rather than trying to do it yourself. Refinishing typically involved stripping and sanding hardwood floors before restaining and clear coating.

Knowing how to care for your flooring is important for the lifetime of it. Make sure you take preventative measures, keep it clean with regular maintenance, and get it refinished when the time comes before damage has a chance to get worse.

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