Treat Yo’self by Treating your HVAC Well

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Willis Carries invented the air conditioner in 1902 to help preserve a Brooklyn publishing house’s paper. Now, the HVAC industry employs well over 300,000 people, grows by over 4% each year, and is worth $71 billion dollars.

With summer winding down and winter lying in wait, we tend to take our heating and cooling systems for granted. Let’s celebrate the technology and the people who make comfortable living possible with some fun facts and helpful tips.

Fun Fact #1 — AC has made more than just HVAC companies profitable

Nowadays, summer vacation is for schoolkids, but it used to be that work had to slow to a crawl during the dog days of summer. It would simply be too hot for workers to make any real progress in their jobs. Heating and cooling systems made factories and concrete jungle offices habitable during the worst of the seasons.

Of course, you could also take that to mean heating and cooling companies are to blame for adults’ lack of summer vacation. Win some, lose some.

Fun Fact #2 — AC has made the South livable

Think about it, would you live in Texas year-round without decent air conditioning to go home to? This is the reason so many of the United State’s first economic hubs were in the north — it was simply cooler. But since the 60s and the advent of air conditioning, 60% of the U.S.’s economic growth has taken place in the South.

  • PRO TIP: if you live in one of these areas where you have to keep your AC on full blast, do everything you can to ease the strain on your system. Change filters often, use fans to help circulate that cool air, and get an inspection at least once a year. Local heating and cooling services will be glad to check out your system and make sure nothing is damaged.

Fun Fact #3 — Heating and air conditioning is helping us live longer

Temperature control is crucial to fighting bacteria and viruses. That’s why your refrigerator is effective at keeping food fresh longer. Heating and cooling systems also do a much better job of circulating fresh air than breezeways. With access to a working HVAC system, you’re less likely to die of heat stroke or frostbite.

Air conditioning has also been a boon to medical research, making surgeries and research easier, controlling experiments and preserving medicines, and overall keeping healthy people healthy so that doctors can focus on those in serious danger.

  • PRO TIP: If you’re suffering from allergies, now’s the time to make extra sure your filters are fresh and your system is clean. Many respiratory issues result from badly filtered air, so it’s important to stay on top of your service schedule if you or anyone in your household are sensitive to such conditions.

If you’ve ever had to do hard work out in the sun or snow, you probably already appreciate your heating and cooling units more than you can describe. Make sure to act on that love. Heating and air conditioning repair can be expensive, which is just another reason why routine maintenance is important, for your health and that of your system.

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