Why Your Garage Door Opener Matters

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When buying an electric garage door opener, many people might not consider there to be any meaningful difference. “A garage door is a garage door,” they say. “What’s so complicated about opening it?” As it happens, electric garage door openers come in a variety of types, not to mention different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Just as there are different types of garage doors, so there are different types of garage door openers. If your garage door opens slowly, noisily or not at all, it may be time to consider buying a new opener. But before you go make your purchase, consider the options.

  • Belt Drive Openers
  • Of all the types of garage door openers, belt drive openers tend to be the most quiet and the best performing. They are ideal for garage doors near living spaces, and are considered the premium opening system.
  • Chain Drive Openers
  • Suitable for just about any garage door, chain drives are designed to live the heaviest garage doors. These are the most popular garage door opening systems.
  • Screw Drive Openers
  • If you have a one-piece garage door that tilts, a screw drive opener is for you. Quieter than a chain drive system, screw drive opening systems are quite durable.

There are many other parameters that one also needs to consider when purchasing an electric garage door opener. Choosing between different horsepowers, for example, is one such consideration, as is a system with a sufficiently powerful light — 100 watt bulbs or equivalent LED is preferred. Finally, there are options such as combination entry pads, fingerprint entry pads, or even wireless remote garage door openers.
All these options may be intimidating, but they are worth considering before making a foray into purchasing a garage door opener of one’s own. Comment below with your thoughts, ideas, concerns or experiences.

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